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Our Mission

About AmericareHealth Benefits Online™

Americare Health Benefits Online was founded by David M Taxer in order to provide clarity and quality to Americans in charge of obtaining their own healthcare. 

We believe all Americans, all people, deserve compassionate assistance obtaining and understanding their full range of healthcare options. Our relationships with the insurance carriers, national and state-based exchanges, and private associations offering traditional coverage allow us to offer individualized options based on your unique needs.

We only work with A-rated insurance carriers. Our commitment to you is to only offer coverage we would use for ourselves and our families. 

To do that, we have a simple process refined with the assistance of both our staff and our clients.

First, we examine your needs and shop the market in your area for the best options on both the public exchanges and private markets.

Next, we explain the coverage and ensure the network includes the practitioners of your choice, obtaining your feedback in order to fine-tune the plan to best fit your needs.

After that, if you like the plan, we will walk you through the application process online.

The whole process takes around twenty minutes depending on the complexity of your needs, and afterward, if you have a question or a claim, we will be here to help.

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